• Simply rescue data from internal as well as external phone memory of Android Smartphone
  • Supports data recovery from all major brands of Android Smartphones including Sony, Samsung, Micromax, LG & HTC
  • Effectively recuperate application package files (APK) from Android phones
  • Widely appreciated tool to rescue Android data at your fingertips
  • Developed with an impressive save recovery session option to avoid re-scanning of Android phone

How would you feel if important file from your Android phone gets deleted?

Needless to say, you will get frustrated!!! In any worst case scenario, if you end up with data loss from Android phone, no need to worry!!! You can easily rescue all data from Android phone at one go by using this effective tool.

Using Android phone is the most wonderful experience, as it is designed with various advanced features. No one wishes to lose his important files from Android phone specially they need those files at any cost, but there are some tough times in which some files are deleted unknowingly. Have you ever come across loss of data from Android phone?  After losing files, most of the Android phone users worried about how to recuperate files from Android phone. In case if you are one of them, no need to worry as you can easily rescue files from Android phone by suing various efficient tools. One such advanced software is Android File Recovery, which recuperates all types of files from Android phone in few simple mouse clicks. If you would like to know about how to rescue data from Samsung Smartphone then click here http://www.android-filerecovery.com/get-back-files-from-samsung-smartphone.html.

Prior to recovery process, let us know some of the main situations where most of the users lose data from their Android phone.

  • Generally users delete needless phones from Android phone because of its limited storage capacity. However, in some situations, while deleting redundant files many people unknowingly delete some important files and later they realize that they have committed mistake and lose their important files from Android phone and sometimes pressing delete all option while previewing media files also responsible for loss of files from Android phone.
  • In some situations, Android users unsuspectingly format their phone which has some vital files. Suppose if the data stored in formatted Android phone is not yet backed up, then critical data loss is definite.
  • Infection of malicious virus is another factor for losing files from Android phone. In some cases if antivirus program is outdated and not effective, then there are probabilities of virus infection, which makes files stored your phone inaccessible. And sometimes infectivity of macro virus deletes the files stored on phone without your notice.
  • In certain situations, as soon as you your Android phone to computer, it asks you to format.  It is because format error which occurs when there are errors with file system. In order to make use of Android phone formatting is the only option left for you. If the phone contains any vital files then critical data loss is guaranteed.

Salient Features of Android File Recovery software

  • Widely appreciated by most of the industry experts and professionals as the best software to undelete pictures from Android phone.
  • Simply scans and restores data from all types of SD cards which can be used along with Android phone.
  • Effectively rescue files from improperly mounted SD cards of any storage capacity.
  • Searches and restores all types of files from Android phones including digital pictures, movie files, music files, spreadsheets, text documents etc.
  • Most efficient software which supports Android file recovery on all versions of Windows based computers.

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Steps to rescue files from Android phone

Step 1: After installing this software, connect Android phone to your computer and run the software to open its home screen as shown in figure A.

Android File Recovery - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: After selecting the physical drive, you can choose any specific kind of file types to recuperate as shown in figure B.

Get Back Android Files - Select File Type

Figure B: Select File Type

Step 3: You can see the list of files rescued from Android phone as shown in figure C.

Recover Android Files - List of Rescued Files

Figure C: List of Rescued Files